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2001's Top 10 Trends 

NOTE: Mitchell Levy has put more details about the predictions into a book called "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006". Read more about the book, or buy it in pdf or paperback formats.

NOTE: The italics represent the accuracy of the predictions as of 12/31/01

#01 - The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: The tried and true basics of business will be back – to remind us of the old-fashioned principles that still seem to work, even in this new Internet-enabled world. Profitability, revenues and proven processes will be key. (Correct)

#02 - The New Economic Environment: Although we are already mired in the New Economy, we are just at the beginning of the changes, as brick and mortar companies race to be successful online, and dot.coms try to dethrone established companies’ brands. There will be more consolidation, hybrids, partnering, and new business models that will shift the mix and balance of power. (Correct)

#03 - A New Internet-enabled World: In the not too distant future, the use of the Internet will be routine, rather like electricity, as the comfort level with the technology and this method of doing business evolves. Not only will more of our work and personal lives be connected because of the evolving technology infrastructure, but more integrated as well. Processes and functions that we use in the workplace will make their way into our homes. A total Internet-enabled world where every IP appliance can coordinate an exchange transaction with or without a human guide, is right around the corner. (Partially correct)

#04 - Customers Rule: With the Internet, customers have gained considerable power to choose with whom they will do business, where and when. The need for intense customer focus and exemplary customer service will continue into the future, as customers remain central to the growth of e-commerce. (Partially correct)

#05 - Better, Faster and Maybe Cheaper: With continued learning and experimentation, companies will build better products and services by utilizing the multiple capabilities of their own companies and also their partners. Price may still be a determinant in customers’ buying decisions, but value received is becoming more important than price by itself. New ways to conduct business enabled by technology will lead to many new opportunities for companies, with improved choices for customers and more efficient payment mechanisms for the exchange of value between parties. (Correct)

#06 - Business Models and Value Webs: Just when you thought things were settling down with business models, be prepared for more changes. Improvements in efficiency of the supply chain and logistics, disintermediation and continuing complex are part of the future. (Correct)

#07 - New Standards and Rules Create Opportunity: There has been much controversy and discussion about privacy and security and how it affects e-commerce. Quite often, new regulations and laws can be perceived as just more bureaucracy that gets in the way of doing business. However, as security issues are mitigated and standards are commonly deployed for security and privacy, new opportunities will actually be created for business. (Correct)

#08 - Evolving Infrastructure and Tools: Many advances have been made in integrating front office and back office systems both in a company and via the ASP/BSP model. Technologies that improve speed, collaboration or integration of processes will be a requirement for survival and growth in the future. (Correct)

#09 - The New Face of Marketing: As companies continue to wrestle with issues about online and offline branding, we are entering a new era of personalization. Marketing will be faced with implementing new approaches in the Internet-enabled world. (Correct)

#10 - New Dimensions for Growth and Evolution: As today’s leaders make decisions about tomorrow’s growth, there are many factors at work in this new environment that will make a huge impact. Technologies such as wireless and portable computing will provide more ways to access the Internet, and require companies to provide content accordingly. The world marketplace means greater demand for products and services, and companies need to figure out how to build businesses across geographic boundaries. We are faced with much growth in the next few years. Whether it happens slowly or quickly, we all need to be armed with the lessons we have learned so far to be better prepared to meet all the challenges of the brave new world. (Correct)

Bonus Trend - Peer-to-Peer Commerce Takes Off: Ebay is remarkably successful and first coined the concept of C-C commerce. Regardless of whether Napster actually survives, it's existence will have resulted in the morphing of the music industry. Napster also helped demonstrate that peer-to-peer commerce may be the most widely participated business model on the Internet. Having passed legislation of digital signatures, with SET (Secure Electronic Transactions) individuals can swap digital files, and create an encrypted transaction contract; non-repudiation of the event between the buyer and seller. Individuals will begin to conduct peer-to-peer commerce using digital cash, with new and existing players trying to be the financial intermediary. (Correct - with a vengence)


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