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1998's Top 10 Trends 

NOTE: Mitchell Levy has put more details about the predictions into a book called "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006". Read more about the book, or buy it in pdf or paperback formats.

NOTE: The italics represent the accuracy of the predictions as of 12/31/98

#01 - Other forms of currency take focus [Time, Attention, Trust] (Wrong, not as much focus in '98 as expected)

#02 - Consumer acceptance of SSL security (Correct)

#03 - Login/password authentication will start going away (Wrong, not yet)

#04 - XML will start to replace HTML (Partially, most vendors have XML implementations, slower than expected)

#05 - Too many solutions, particularly point solutions, will be consolidation, but... (Correct)

#06 - Continued price transparency (Correct)

#07 - "True" eCommerce implementations will be driven from the top-down (Correct)

#08 - eCommerce implementations will focus on meeting business needs (Mostly, still a ways to go)

#09 - eCommerce implementations will be more than pretty pages (Correct)

#10 - The definition of eCommerce will expand (Mostly, still a ways to go)

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