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Trends Book by CEO Mitchell Levy

2009's Top 10 Trends

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2003's Top 10 Trends

NOTE: Mitchell Levy has put more details about the predictions into a book called "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006". Read more about the book, or buy it in pdf or paperback formats.

NOTE: The italics represent the accuracy of the predictions as of 12/31/03

#01 - The American Psychological Association Announces its Best Year Ever (Correct)

#02 - Quiet, Yet Continued Strong Growth in E-Commerce (Correct)

#03 - The Economy Waffles while Folks Look for "the Breakout Event" and to overcome the dot.bomb Malaise (Mostly Correct)

#04 - Operational Efficiency Continues to be a Key Corporate Driver (Correct)

#05 - Specialist are In, Generalists are Out (Correct)

#06 - The Software Industry has Changed Forever (Correct)

#07 - Web Services Show Demonstrated ROI (Somewhat, not really yet)

#08 - Marketing has Changed Forever (Correct)

#09 - Significant Inroads Made on Eliminating Spam (Slight at Best)

#10 - Users Will Get More of What They Want (Wishful Thinking)

Bonus Trend: Key Areas to Keep on Eye On Include: Security, Wireless, Real-time Business Intelligence, Broadband


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