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Trends Book by CEO Mitchell Levy

2009's Top 10 Trends

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2004's Top 10 Trends

NOTE: Mitchell Levy has put more details about the predictions into a book called "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006". Read more about the book, or buy it in pdf or paperback formats.

NOTE: The italics represent the accuracy of the predictions as of 12/31/04

#01 - Virus'/Spam Get Worse, Not Better (correct)

#02 - Continued Global Economic Dependency and a Backlash Against Offshore Outsourcing (correct)

#03 - Internet Telephony Continues Disrupting the Existing Players (correct)

#04 - For Survival, Companies Continue to Consolidate (correct)

#05 - Wi-Fi Gets Bigger (correct)

#06 - Business Continues to Evolve to the Next Level (partial)

#07 - Some Positive IT, Economic and Stock Market Movement (partial)

#08 - Security is Still the #1 IT Concern (correct)

#09 - Social Networking Takes Off (partial)

#10 - The Term "E-Commerce" Comes Back into Vogue (partial)

Bonus Trends:
#01 -
Software Continues to Change Forever Especially via the ASP Model (correct)

#02 -Marketing Becomes Important Again (correct)

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