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2002's Top 10 Trends

NOTE: Mitchell Levy has put more details about the predictions into a book called "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006". Read more about the book, or buy it in pdf or paperback formats.

NOTE: The italics represent the accuracy of the predictions as of 12/31/02

#01 - Increased Security and Safety Focus: Security through smart chips and retinal identification will find increased acceptance with the call for a national (and ultimately a worldwide) Smart Card based identification system will gain significant momentum.(correct)

#02 - Revenue (not at the Expense of Margin) will be the Primary Driver: In addition to traditional and Internet-based revenue, the metrics of Web-assisted and Web-shifted revenue will come into vogue. (partial)

#03 - Companies will Start Dropping the "E": The holistic corporation will realize that business is business, regardless of the medium used to conduct it. E-Commerce implementations will focus on delivering the total end-to-end solution. (partial)

#04 - Late 2002 Recovery: After the overall corporate purge of excess and obsolete inventory in mid-to-late 2001, companies will start reinvesting in the goods and services it needs to survive and create profitable entities. This, coupled with the money spent on the US war efforts, will bring a slight US recovery in late Q3, 2002. (no)

#05 - Major Industry Consolidation: With the capital markets remaining difficult to raise money, there'll be a continued consolidation in the business world as both traditional and companies continue to be acquired or run out of money and go out of business. (correct)

#06 - Customer Experience will Become Vogue: Although companies have talked about the customer being king, this philosophy is paid only lip service in a majority of companies. In 2002, we'll see the position of CCEO "Chief Customer Experience Officer" starts to proliferate among companies. The lifetime value of the customer will be a key focus of the CCEO. (no)

#07 - Functions vs. Features: The user community will pay more attention to the functions that products deliver as opposed to the features (bells and whistles) they have. Web services are well positioned to help make this trend a reality. (correct)

#08 - Collaborative Commerce Grows and Meets P2P: Companies will continue to grow their value Web relationships and strive to increase efficiency among the participants. Peer to peer technology and processes find their way in the B2B space helping improve the efficiency of many collaborative efforts. Additionally, there will be an increased focus on sharing useful "confidential" data among participants of the value Web. (no)

#09 - "Blended Solutions" is the Major New Buzzphrase: Making the transition from the on-line learning space, blended solutions become vogue as product and service companies deliver blended (integrated on-line and on-ground) solutions to their customers. (no)

#10 - "Transparent Commerce" is Another New Buzzphrase: Also being bantered around as u-commerce (Ubiquitous Commerce), this is where commerce occurs automatically without getting in the way of our lives. Automatic bridge tolls and stop light violations, as well as product recommendations from trusted sources that automatically turn into sales, are good examples of what we'll see. (no)

Bonus Trend 1: Prediction of key technology/classes of applications that will experience growth:

  • The Killer Apps: Blended Customer Service Solutions, P2P for both Consumers and Businesses (Collaborative Commerce), Self-Service for both Consumers and Businesses
  • Other Areas of Growth: Security, Instant Messaging Video Conferencing, Smart Card Identification, IP Telephony Location-based Commerce, Mobile Applications, Collaborative Commerce, 1x1 Marketing Tied to Metrics, Pay-Per-View Content

Bonus Trend 2: The Value Equation: Companies will start using the Value Equation to ensure they are creating value today and will continue to do so well into the future (okay, this one is self-promotion).


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