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 5 Components to E-Connerce Enabled Web Site Effectiveness 


The difference between a truly effective e-commerce enabled Web site and one that delivers an ok or poor performance has a lot to do with 5 customer-focused components. Does the site focus on delivering these attributes to its prospects/customers? Does it save time, capture attention, establish trust, make it convenient to do business with and feel "right" for the products/services sold?

  1. Time:
    • How much time does it take to do what I'm supposed to do? Is the site saving me time?
  2. Attention
    • Does the site capture and keep my attention? Not with flashy things, but good, compelling, "sticky", content.
  3. Trust
    • Does the site establish trust? One vehicle is a privacy statement. Another is information about management, why and how are they good at what the company delivers.
  4. Convenience
    • Does the site make it convenient to conduct business?
  5. Feel
    • Does the site give the "right" feel for the product/service sold and, if there's a physical world entity, how consistent is it with its physical world counterpart.

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