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 E-Commerce Management/E-Business Resources's list of noteworthy
marketing, electronic commerce and other resources on the Web


Quick Overview of the Landscape
General News/Article/Surveys
Books for E-Commerce Management
Books for Thinking Outside the Box

Silicon Valley Networking Opportunities
Jobs/Contracting Listings
For Newbies

Quickly Overview the Landscape
Yahoo (Internet, All Business), Line56, E-CommerceTimes,, (EC-News, International), Business Week (eBiz, Daily Briefing), C/Net, Infoweek NewsFlash, Techweb's Ebiz, Computer Reseller News,, WSJ Online, New York Times,,
Marketing / Surveys
Activmedia,, Clickz,'s Internet Marketing Techniques, GVU (User surveys), eMarketer, Forrester Press Releases, Gartner Press Releases, Internet Advertising Bureau, Internet Software Consortium (Internet domain survey), Greenfield Online, Ed Osborne's Internet Marketing News, Marketing Sherpa, MediaMetrix (user rankings), Nielson//Netratings, NUA (Internet surveys), Personalization,, Roper Starch, Search Engine Showdown, Search Day, Search Engine Watch,,,
General News / Articles / Info

About,, Amazon's eDocuments, American Bar Association's Business Law,,, Baker & McKinsie E-Commerce Tax Resources, Benchmarking Reports, Best-in-Class, (Business & IT Mgt Portal), Business Week Daily Briefing, Business Week Online, CIO's 35 cents,, Darwin, eBusinessAdvisor, eBusinessForum, eCFO, eCommerce Advisor, eCommerceTax, eCommercetimes, (E-Commerce Management eZine), E-Newsletters,, Forrester Research, Gartner Group, Goldman Sach Research, Gomez, Harvard Business Review, Hoovers, Iconocast, IDG, IndividualInteractive Journal of Electronic Markets, ('s Download AreaeCommerce Guide, eCommerce News, International, Internet Lists, Internet News, Internet Resources, InternetWeek, ISP Resources, Marketing Channel), E-Learning Jump Page, ITAA, Jenn's Producer/Project Management Resources Page, Jim Sterne's Targeting Site, Jupiter Communications, Line 56, Malaysia eCommerce, The Marketing Exec, Massachusetts EC Org, Mercer Management Journal,, News Index, NewsLinx, New York Times, NetworkWork 10 Ways to Fail, Official Stats on the Web, Outsourcing E-Commerce, Peppers & Rogers 1to1, PC Week: Setting up Shop Online, Salon Technology,, (Retail-Focused Consortium),, Slate, Sloan Management Review, Spam Vigilante, the451, TheBestPractice, Techweb's Encyclopedia, Todd Maffin's Future File, US Government EC Policies,, W3C Micropayments, Wilson Web, ZDNet Newsletters

Books for Effective Business Management (Mitchell Levy), Built To Last (James Collins), Business @ The Speed of Thought  (On Tape - Bill Gates), (Patricia Seybold), Cybercareers (Mary Morris), Dilbert Principle (Scott Adams), Direct from Dell (Michael Dell), (Jeff Papows), Execution (Larry Bossidy), The Experience Economy (Joseph Pine), Good to Great (James Collins), Free, Perfect and Now (Rob Rodin), Growing up Digital (Dan Tapscott), 22 Immutable Laws of Branding (Al & Laura Ries), Information Rules (Carl Shapiro), The Innovators Delimma (On Tape  - Clayton Christensen), Love is the Killer App (Tim Sanders), Markets of One (Gilmore/Pine), Now or Never (Mary Modahl), One to One Fieldbook (Peppers/Rogers), Selling the Wheel Audio/Hard-Cover (Jeff Cox), The Five Temptations of a CEO (Patrick Lencioni), The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive (Patrick Lencioni), The Reeingineering Alternative (Bill Schneider), Striking It (Jaclyn Easton), The Age of Spiritual Machines (Ray Kurzweil)

Books for Thinking Outside the Box
1001 Ways to Reward Employees (Bob Nelson), A Kick in the Seat of the Pants (Roger von Oech), A Whack on the Side of the Head (Roger von Oech), Competitive Strategy (Michael Porter), Do Fish Drink Water (Bill McLain), Profit Patterns (Adrian Slywotzky, David Morrison), Six Thinking Hats (Edward De Bono), Value Migration (Adrian Slywotzky)
Silicon Valley Networking Opportunities

CEOnetworking, American Electronics Assn, Asia-Silicon Valley Connection, Assn for Corporate Growth, Assn of Strategic Alliance Professionals, Assn of Support Professionals, Bay Area Editors Forum, BioE2E, Business Marketing Assn (North CA. Chapter), Central Coast Angels Network, Churchill Club, Chinese Information and Networking Assn, Chinese Software Professional Assn, CNetwork, Financial Executives Intl, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Garage Events, Hong Kong Assn of Northern California, Hua Yuan Science and Technology Assn, Independent Computer Consultants Organization, The Japan Society, Jewish High Tech Community, Keizai Society, Lighthouse Venture Forum, MIT Club of Northern California, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, Monte Jade Science and Technology Assn, Muybueno (Latino Networking), Product Development and Management Assn.,, Ryze, Silicon French, Silicon Valley Assn of Software Entrepreneurs (SVASE), Silicon Valley Chinese Engineers Assn, Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Assn, Silicon Valley Japanese Entrepreneur Network, Silicon Valley Product Marketing Assn, Silicon Valley Webmasters Guild, Silicon Valley World Internet Center, Supply Knowledge, Software Forum (Business Intelligence) (Electronic Business) (Founders Forum) (International) (Marketing) (Venture Finance) (Web Services), San Francisco Women on the Web, Stanford Breakfast Meeting, The Entrepreneur's Network (TEN)

Also: Competia Industry Associations

Jobs / Contracting Listings,,,,,,, Craig's List, Crimson Consulting, Dice, Exec-U-Net, Freelance Technologies,,,, JobNext, Monster, Monster Talent Auction, Net-Temps, PATCA, Stafftopia, Wet Feet

Conferences / Seminars

CIO Magazines Calender, Comdex, Gartner Group Events, Expo World, International Quality & Productivity Center, Internet World,'s List, Techweb's Calender, Online Learning Conference, Thunderlizard, Trade Show News Network,, UK Trade Shows

Entrepreneurial,,, Benchmark Capital's Resources, Business Plans, Business Plans and Starting a Business, Business Plan Center, Business Planning Institute, Business Week Online, Businesses For Sale, (connecting business to Government), CEO Express, Entrepreneur Mag, Entrepreneur's Resource Network, Fast Company,, ipValue Management, Learning Fountain,, Small Business Journal, Venture Capital Resource Library, Venture Directory, (signup for the newsletter), Yahoo Store's Info on Fraud Orders

For Newbies

Corporate Classes, E-Commerce Tutorial - Put Your Business on the Web, Wilson Web Store Comparison, Dave's Interactive Tutorial for Beginners, Getting Started, Yahoo Internet Life - Net EZ-User - Surf School, Worldwide Learn


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