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 Top 10 Implementation Checklist 


  1. Don't wait, start today, the future is now!
  2. Are you satisfying the customer?
  3. Is the CEO on board and educated?
  4. Are you running experiments?
    - Microsoft runs $500m experiments annually!
  5. Are you fully developing and exploiting alliances?
  6. Are you deploying "Big" EC?
    - Full business system integration and incorporating business process reengineering (could be two points)
  7. Who are you going to disintermediate today?
    - Need to decide if you're going to disintermediate or support the channel
    - How best can you take advantage of your competitors positioning?
  8. Are you encouraging an open, sharing culture?
  9. Are you running the EC program as a separate P&L?
  10. EC is changing price points, does the implementation reflect that


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