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Train-The-Trainer Workshop by

Francoise Tourniaire
Founder and Principal of FT Works

Do you have staff that doesn’t have a training background, but needs to create training materials or to deliver training? The Train-The-Trainer workshop is the answer.


  • A pre-workshop assessment of your particular needs and environment
  • A one- or two-day workshop at your site for up to 15 students, depending on your exact needs, to address the following topics:
    • Characteristics of adult learners
    • Instructional Systems Design: the formal approach to creating learning materials
    • Researching the audience’s needs
    • Creating learning objectives
    • Teaching behaviors, not just facts
    • Integrating exercises and tests
    • Presentation skills
    • Encouraging and controlling audience participation
    • Handling Q&A
    • Copious hands-on exercises, including multiple presentations for constructive critique.
  •  Post-workshop feedback and recommendation for managers

Attendees should bring a topic of their own to use for the exercises.

The workshop can be presented in one-day segments targeting either creating training materials (for experienced presenters) or presentation skills (for individuals who will present materials created by others).

For the presentation skills section, you may choose to provide videotaping equipment so attendees can watch themselves. If possible, allow the attendees to keep their tapes for further practice.


  • Leverage your experienced technical staff to create and deliver quality training
  • Increase the job satisfaction for the trainers
  • Decrease prep time for trainers
  • Greatly increase the value of the training that you deliver internally


Francoise Tourniaire has over 15 years' experience in post-sales support in the high-tech industry. She is the president and founder of FT Works, a management-consulting firm that specializes in helping high-tech companies create and improve support centers. Prior to founding FT Works in 1998, she was the Vice President of Worldwide Service for Scopus, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software. Prior assignments include stints at Sybase and Ingres, both in Technical Support and Training management. She brings a wealth of anecdotes and true stories to the workshop.

She's the author of "The Art of Software Support", a practical handbook for support managers and executives, published at Prentice Hall. Her particular interests are in people management and support processes.


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