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Tech Support Skills Workshop by

Francoise Tourniaire
Founder and Principal of FT Works

Are your support engineers very knowledgeable on the technical side, but not always comfortable relating to customers? Are you frustrated with off-the-shelf training packages that are not designed for technical environments? Do you want to train your staff in-house to ensure the training is tailored to your needs? The Tech Support Skills workshop is the answer to your questions.


  • A pre-workshop assessment of your particular needs and environment
  • A two-day workshop at your site for up to 15 students covering the following topics:
    • The Support profession
      Listening skills
    • Magic words: good and bad
    • Communicating via phone and in email
    • The Basic Action Workflow (our easy tool to understand customer service)
    • Effective communication skills on the phone and via email
    • Getting the customer to cooperate
    • Saying no
    • Taking control of the case resolution process
    • Customer styles: what they are and how to flex to them
    • The customer is not always right: how to handle the difficult ones
    • Teamwork
    • Managing escalations
    • Stress management
    • Multiple role plays to ensure the training is put into action
    • An individualized action plan for each participant to put the workshop
      into practice
    • Post-workshop feedback and recommendation for managers


  • Decrease support costs by enhancing your existing staff’s ability to resolve issues quickly
  • Decrease the ramp-up period for new support engineers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve your ability to coach support engineers
  • Improve staff morale


Francoise Tourniaire has over 15 years' experience in post-sales support in the high-tech industry. She is the president and founder of FT Works, a management-consulting firm that specializes in helping high-tech companies create and improve support centers. Prior to founding FT Works in 1998, she was the Vice President of Worldwide Service for Scopus, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software. Prior assignments include stints at Sybase and Ingres, both in Technical Support and Training management. She brings a wealth of anecdotes and true stories to the workshop.

She's the author of "The Art of Software Support", a practical handbook for support managers and executives, published at Prentice Hall. Her particular interests are in people management and support processes.


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