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Mitchell Levy's Bio 



Mitchell LevyMitchell Levy, CEO, has started and run over 13 firms and partnerships since 1997. He is a book publisher (having published 200 books), business consultant & strategist,connector, educator & prognosticator helping companies succeed by putting tools in the hands of corporations and individuals to allow them to create their own success. He has an extensive network which he taps into to drive success for those around him. Mr. Levy is a frequent media guest and a popular speaker, lecturing on business and management issues throughout the U.S. and around the world. In addition to the companies/joint ventures he's started, he has helped answer over 1,000 CEO questions and provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies.

After earning his MBA from the College of William and Mary, he spent 13 years working for corporations in IT, Finance and Operations. He then spent 15 years as an entrepreneur creating 13 companies and strategic partnerships including Happy About® in 2005 and THiNKaha® in 2007. Mr. Levy is also partner of the physical networking firm CXOnetworking and sits on the board of directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR). He lives with his wife and son in Silicon Valley. 

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For bookings, interviews, quotes, meetings, and additional information contact: Ericka Wilcox at: 1-413-243-6661 or email:

A Little More Detail on Mr. Levy's Properties:

Mitchell Levy is President & CEO of, a management consulting company helping companies transition from the industrial age to the Internet age through strategy, marketing and a combination of off-the-shelf and customized on-line and on-ground training. 

  • On-ground,, Inc. works with:
    • University of California, Santa Cruz (previously with San Jose State University) to create and run the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program and The Business Management Certificate Program. He formerally created and ran the ECM Certificate Program
    • Various organizations to produce private 1-day to 2-week training sessions for domestic and international groups
    • Formerly worked with Key3Media to produce at Comdex Fall

Mr. Levy is Executive Editor and CEO of Happy About® which writes and publishes books for corporations with a positive spin on educational and controversial topics utilizing case studies, testimonials and war stories from those that have "Been There and Done That!" Check out the books, white papers or magazines available.

Mr. Levy's current strategic and speaking efforts have lead to the creation of the Value Framework®. This simple-to-apply framework helps companies drive value creation by applying strategy deployed, managed and evolved to new and existing business models.

Mr. Levy is the Director and Chief Strategy Office of the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program ( at San Jose State University Professional Development. This is the most practical education one can get an academic institute. Prior to this program, he created and ran the E-Commerce Management Program which sold over 4,700, created over 50 courses and took in over $1.7m in revenue.

Mr. Levy also publishes a monthly eZine via the Value Framework® Institue, that analyzes companies and industrials and shares news from the perspective of the Value Framework®. Readership includes a wide range of companies, from Oracle and Sony, to Visa and Yahoo, as well as online readers who want to keep up with the latest news and trends.

Mr. Levy's book, marks a departure from the multitude of e-commerce titles on the shelves. The book educates a much wider audience than those involved in e-commerce, rather serves as a resource for any one in the world wanting to thrive in the Internet age.

Mr. Levy routinely serves on the advisory boards of between 3-5 startup companies, including neoIT and the National Youth Leadership Forum.

Prior to forming, Mr. Levy managed the e-commerce component of Sun Microsystems' $3.5 billion supply chain, developed the e-commerce strategy for Bay Networks, and was involved in the e-commerce efforts on both the buy and sell side of several large and small companies. His eZine and consulting practice have resulted in the following endorsements by people engaged in the E-Commerce industry.

What People are Saying about 
their Experiences with Mitchell Levy &

"Mitchell is one of the foremost voices in e-business today. His insights are accurate and timely."
Christina Cheney, President, Simmedia

"We at Recruit thank you so much for the invaluable learning opportunity you have provided our staff. One of the greatest weaknesses in the current Japanese organization (including our own) is its inability to project and manage a clear vision or goal under which various different areas can with independent responsibility work together collectively towards that goal. Previously, Japan's corporate strength relied on a broader, more simple motto of "producing good products." In this new age of IT, this method no longer works and many companies are at a loss of direction, not necessarily because of the lack of qualified individuals but because of the lack of management system that encourages and builds clear collective vision and individual responsibility and flexibility.

These are some of the most valuable lessons the Recuit employee learned from you:

  • how to build and project a clear goal (and one that can be reached within 18 months),
  • how to plan, distribute and encourage the integration of various ideas, and to work together towards a shared overall goal, all the while incorporating flexibility in a constantly ever-shifting needs of the E-business arena.

These may be skills that are common-sense and expected and yet are relatively new to the Japanese work environment. In this sense, Sakamoto's live exposure to this kind of atmosphere is invaluable to him as well as to our organization."
Yukiko Nagashima, Recruit Company, LTD, Tokyo, Japan

"Thank you for teaching me how to think outside the box. After working with you for 2 years and seeing what you do to drive your businesses, I've come up with ideas that markedly excel my business. Let me repeat myself, thank you."
Ericka Wilcox, Executive Director, Berkeshire Artist Group

"As an advisory board member, Mitchell Levy was instrumental in shaping and defining our company's marketing plan and vision. He dedicated the time and resources to our team that helped make us successful."
Nabil E. Zumout, President,

"Every now and then you meet someone who stands above the crowd, and leads those around them. It has been a pleasure meeting you and witnessing these qualities in your life."
James Biorge, Chairman and CEO, First eTech

"I think that, the humility and humanness as a foundation to your expertise and knowlege, can reach a lot deeper into a person's psyche. So aside from leaving with knowledge, you leave people with a good feeling too."
Suzan Polessky, Website Mgr, Fitness World

"You are a truly excellent panel chairman/moderator. The panel you put together was high-quality, and it was fun."
John Hamilton, Managing Director, Global Technology Department, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

"As always, you managed to put together a great set of panels and panelists. I look forward to your next event."
Parag Patel, Vice President of Industry Marketing, Bowstreet

"I really appreciate the opportunity to have met you.  You have a good energy that is nice to experience, especially in these 'transitional' times."
John Rarick, VP eCommerce, Wells Fargo Bank

"Thank you for bringing breath as well as depth to the program. Your efforts are quite evident in the quality of ECM curriculum."
Max Lloyd, San Jose State (SJSU-PD) ECM Certificate Candidate

"Learning what I did and getting my certificate is valuable to my future, and having gotten to know you was really quite wonderful. Thank you Mitchell."
Melita Bena, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"I've learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short period of time... the resource information provided in the classroom materials are very useful, and classroom participation and sharing of information between the students is also very valuable."
Lillian MacMinn, Prospective SJSU-PD ECM Graduate

"Dear ECM-instructors,
Now that I am back in the Netherlands and will start a new job tomorrow, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with me! The ECM-program has made it possible for me to enter the world of e-commerce. I'll be Marketing Manager at, a provider of financial services via the web.
Thank you once again!"
Eveline Scheren, SJSU-PD ECM Certificate Program Graduate

"Your work on competitor research and analysis shows that you have a grasp not only of the big picture, but also know how to ferret out the details. It's great to have a resource like"
Georgia Lorie, Senior Manager, Global Vertical Marketing, Sun-Netscape Alliance

"Your search engine optimization for our conference was really a work of art! I've worked with a lot of people who do this stuff for a living, and they don't seem to grasp our strategic objectives as well as you did. It's nice to get real value from a consultant. We'll work with you again soon."
Gabe Zichermann, Group Marketing Manager, Miller Freeman Game Group

"When you came to us 3 years ago to pitch us on the importance of the Internet to our direct mail business, I have to admit that I was very skeptical. I'd had promises from all sorts of companies in the past about how they could transform my business and enhance sales and profits. From the start, your professionalism and hard work were a refreshing change. Your people really listened to what we had to say and respected our experience in marketing to our customers-I think that's why our web business has been so successful. Rather than coming in and creating a whole new approach, you helped us define our Internet goals and strategy in a way that our organization could deal with effectively. I will continue to recommend your company to people who come to me looking to generate serious, successful online commerce. Many thanks for a job well done.."
Ed Lehrman, President, Passport Wine Club, Petaluma, CA

What People are Saying about's Free Monthly eZine:

"Start with a firmly-grounded and well-informed individual named Mitchell Levy. Fold in 35 years of Internet (time) experience. Mix with a healthy dose of open communication between the author and audience and the result is thoughtful newsletter that keeps you abreast of the latest, provides insightful commentary, and gives you a chance to participate. An ideal internet recipe."
Jim Sterne, Prominent Internet Industry Author and Speaker,, Santa Barbara, CA

"The newsletter is a rich source of current e-commerce news and research, and Levy's commentaries provide plenty of context to help orient the reader to the crowded and often confusing online marketplace."
Dylan Tweney, Internet business columnist for InfoWorld, publisher of The Tweney Report

"Netcentives bases its success on the added value it gives its customers, so I know value when I see it. After reading your newsletter for the last few months, I have to say that your insights into e-commerce trends and strategy and the articles from industry professionals would be worth paying for-but I'm glad that it's free!"
Bill Rusitzky, Netcentives, San Francisco, CA

"It's definitely the best B2B eZine out there."
Moses Ma, CEO, bizbots, inc., San Francisco, CA

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