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1x1 Executive Training & Coaching


Mitchell Levy has been conducting executive training and coaching for executives from around the world for over 15 years. He can help your executive think "creatively" and completly "outside the box"

Typically this involves working with an executive for 4-5 months while they are in the United states taking a training program like the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program. Mr. Levy has a proven formula for helping individuals think creatively and accomplish the goals they set for themselves when to come to the United States. Areas we focus on during their stay include:

  • Working with the individual to learn and analyze business via the strategic framework Levy has on the market
  • Working with the individual to complete a number of individual projects that help them achieve their goals
  • Suggestions on bay area events and networking groups to participate in

Below is a review from Recruit, a $3b Japanese corporation, on one of the employees that they sent over.

"We at Recruit thank you so much for the invaluable learning opportunity you have provided our staff. One of the greatest weaknesses in the current Japanese organization (including our own) is its inability to project and manage a clear vision or goal under which various different areas can with independent responsibility work together collectively towards that goal.

Previously, Japan's corporate strength relied on a broader, more simple motto of "producing good products." In this new age of IT, this method no longer works and many companies are at a loss of direction, not necessarily because of the lack of qualified individuals but because of the lack of management system that encourages and builds clear collective vision and individual responsibility and flexibility.

These are some of the most valuable lessons the Recuit employee learned from you:

  • How to build and project a clear goal (and one that can be reached within 18 months),
  • How to plan, distribute and encourage the integration of various ideas, and to work together towards a shared overall goal, all the while incorporating flexibility in a constantly ever-shifting needs of the E-business arena.

These may be skills that are common-sense and expected and yet are relatively new to the Japanese work environment. In this sense, Sakamoto's live exposure to this kind of atmosphere is invaluable to him as well as to our organization."
Yukiko Nagashima, Recruit Company, LTD, Tokyo, Japan

Contact today to get 1x1 Executive Training and Coaching by Mitchell Levy by sending e-mail or calling us at 408-257-3000.
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