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We work with start-up, medium and large companies
to help them create and realize their long-term vision...

Does your company have an e-commerce/e-business strategy?

  1. Yes
  2. No, the Internet has come and gone (dot.bomb's)
  3. No, it's incorporated into our business strategy

Answer 3 is the only correct one!

"The Internet unlocks a complete new set of tools which allow your company to compete in ways it never has before" says Mitchell Levy, President and CEO of There are many paths a company can take to be successful in this environment. The two questions we like to ask are:

  1. "How do you know if you are successful, if you don't know where you are heading?"  
  2. "Why do you let technology drive how you run your business?"

Let help your company define the desired end-state and the necessary steps to get there. Whether it's at:

  • An executive staff off-site
  • A corporate and other functional off-site meetings
  • A key annual event
  • A worldwide sales & marketing meeting
  • Or as part of your executive advisory board

Four high-lighted services (selected from this list):

  1. High-level Interactive Analysis via the Value Framework®
  2. Interactive Learning Session (Brainstorming / Facilitated knowledge sharing exploring parts of the company, division or department and/or helping to merge entities together)
  3. Corporate/Functional Direction Setting (pdf of process)
    • Create the vision (30 second elevator pitch)
    • Set the Top 5 Goals
    • Define Metrics to Measure the Goals
    • Prioritize a Set of Projects to Achieve the Top Goals
    • Define the Organizational Infrastructure Necessary to Achieve the Top Goals
  4. Executive Coaching

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