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*** Mitchell Levy authors new book on 2006 Trends and states that In 2006, Energy Issues Take a Front Burner on the World Stage***

Read about this prediction and many others in Mitchell Levy's 'hot off the press' book "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006". Levy incorporates predictions from 50 executives on what will happen in 2006.

Cupertino, CA - November 15, 2005
Will the #1 issue in the world be energy in 2006 and will security and privacy issues raise their heads as key issues facing corporations and individuals? Mitchell Levy, Author of the 'hot off the press' book "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006" says that energy, security, and privacy issues will be hot topics for 2006. He also has eight other predictions worth exploring. In his last year's book "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2005", accurate predictions included:

  • Google at $300 six months prior to hitting the mark and
  • Gas prices at $3 eight months prior to hitting the mark

The Top Ten Trends for 2006 are:

  1. Energy issues take a front burner on the world stage.
  2. The Internet's democratization effect expands to traditional media.
  3. Marketing expenditures and activities continue to shift to the Internet.
  4. China's continued growth significantly affects world commerce.
  5. Outsourcing continues to expand to other sectors of the economy.
  6. Services continue to play a bigger role in Western economies.
  7. Usage and proliferation of mobile commerce expands.
  8. Adoption of VOIP continues.
  9. Employer/employee relationships strengthen for the first time in years.
  10. Security and privacy issues raise their heads again.

Each trend is supplemented with a number of predictions from leading industry experts. Here are some interesting predictions from this year's book:

  • "Office in your phone. Millions will be carrying mobile devices that do more than voice, email and text. Videos, web conferencing, unified messaging, powerpoint presentations, mobile access to any content using infobots, and more are coming."
    Rip Gerber, CMO, GM-Ecommerce, Intellisync Corporation
  • "Countries as Brands. In 2006 countries will start overtly branding themselves to increase export visibility. Made in Luxembourg? You bet."
    Andrew Greenberg, CEO, Greenberg Brand Strategy
  • "Younger and younger users will create increasingly more complex content with higher production value. Heck, who doesn't know a 4th grader whose made a movie?"
    Karen Howe, VP, AOL

"Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006: Getting a Handle on the Year Ahead" will help you think about expectations for this year. Mitchell Levy has been making extremely accurate predictions since 1998. Read about his previous predictions to see how much credibility you'll give to this year's trends. It's a fun and entertaining read. You will be glad you spent the time and will be happy with your new perspective. The book sells in tradebook form for $19.95 and in ebook form for $11.95. The PDF and tradebook versions are available from the Happy About website today and will be available on Amazon and through the book channels in the next week or two. View the contributors for this year, read more predictions, view the table of contents and purchase a copy (

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Mitchell Levy is Director of the innovative Silicon Valley Executive Business Program and the Chairman and partner of CEOnetworking. Mr. Levy is also President and CEO of, a Management Consulting firm helping company's grow with strategic consulting and targeted business education, author of the books, Happy About Outsourcing, and Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2005, creator of the Value Framework®, and on the board of directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR).

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