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*** Mitchell Levy authors new book on 2005 Trends and states that In 2005, The Euro Becomes the World Standard Currency***

Announcing the release of Happy About™ Knowing What to Expect in 2005 where author Mitchell Levy incorporates predictions from over 50 executives on what will happen in 2005.

CUPERTINO, CA. - February 1, 2005
Will the Euro take over from the Dollar as the world standard currency and will the US lose its world economic power to China? Mitchell Levy, Author of the soon to be released book "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2005" says the former will happen while the latter won't, at least not in 2005. Here are some interesting predictions from the book.


"We are moving from a wired to a wireless society. This will make most of the traditional telcos' infrastructure investments irrelevant and push the change to VoIP. Maybe the last mile doesn't count after all. Maybe you just do it yourself."
Amy Wohl, President, Wohl Associates

"The sales of smart phones will exceed the sales of handhelds for the first time."
Chris Heuer, Chief Idea Guy, Conversal

"Digital Cameras sales will completely crush film camera sales. Traditional film based companies will continue to struggle to find a place in a digital world."
John Kwan, President, VeriPic

In the book (physically available on February 22, 2005: a pdf version is available today at, Levy weaves quotes and contributions from executives that have "Been There and Done That!" Levy has been making predictions since 1998 and has a very impressive track record that is detailed in the book. You can read his predictions each year since 1998 and view their accuracy. Doing so will give you a good barometer to judge this years predictions. If he is as accurate in 2005 as he has been in past years (other than 2002), in just 30 minutes, you will have a strong feeling for the key trends effecting your business and society this year. Don't you want to know?

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