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Offshoring is a subset of outsourcing and is inevitable

Announcing the pre-release of Happy About™ Outsourcing where author Mitchell Levy collects over 25 stories of executives that have Offshored and Outsourced and concludes that Offshoring is a subset of outsourcing and is an inevitable evolution of business.

CUPERTINO, CA. - December 8, 2004
Will outsourcing be a net positive or negative to the US economy over the long-term? Mitchell Levy, Author of the soon to be released book "Happy About™ Outsourcing" says it depends on your definition of time. "At present, it's a negative from the perspective of the displaced workers that are having problems trying to find their next job. In the mid-term (2-20 years out), it will be a boon for the world economy. In the long-term (30+ years out), America will lose it's stronghold as the #1 economic power."

According to the ITAA (Information Technology Association of America) there has been over 104,000 IT jobs moved offshore between 2003 and 2004. A good percentage of those workers can't find jobs at equal or even substantially less pay. This has led to a significant backlash toward Offshoring and it is argued that protectionism is the answer to this trend. Levy disagrees. He argues that education is the answer.

Education in the US continues to suffer with Government budget cuts. This is not true in a number of other countries around the world. India produces 300,000 IT engineering graduates annually (compared to the US's 50,000) and China, which produces more graduates than India, has a stated goal of creating 50 "MIT-class" institutions. According to Levy, "in the long-term, it's not protectionist policy that will solve the problem of a growing worldwide capitalistic culture, it's education. We need to prepare our future generations to compete."

In the book Happy About™ Outsourcing (release date of January 18, 2005: a pdf version is available today at, Levy weaves quotes, case studies and contributions from executives that have "Been There and Done That!" At the end of the read, ~2 hours, the reader is left with a feeling of inevitability. "Offshoring is an extension of outsourcing and we've been outsourcing through the history of mankind" says Levy.

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