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Mitchell Levy's - ECNOW.COM'S 6th Annual

Cupertino, CA, Thursday, November 14, 2002: Mitchell Levy former Comdex.bix chairmain unveils his Top Ten 2003 Trends at Comdex Fall 2002 on Tuesday, November 18. A number of well-known individuals have gazed into their crystal balls to contribute to these trends, including: Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, Tony Scott, CTO of General Motors, and Dan Tapscott, President, New Paradigm Learning Corporation.

In the first prolonged economic downturn in a decade, American's are trying to come to grips with an environment they haven't had to deal with in many decades, if not ever in their lifetimes. This uncertainty, coupled with the prolonged change to business brought about by the continued proliferation of the Internet into all aspects of work and play, account for all ten trends highlighted this year. Of special note are trends #9 and #10. Although Mr. Levy is not 100% certain these trends will be fully realized in 2003, he certainly wishes we would make significant progress in these areas.

Mr. Levy will be in Las Vegas and available for interviews from Monday morning November 18 through noon on Thursday November 21. He's appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and is always a delightful guest that producers want to invite back. Check out his media coverage.


  • Top 10 Business Trends
  • The Past, Present and Future of Comdex (Will Comdex survive--an insider view)
  • Multi-dimensional strategic framework - determine the business models a company should deploy today. Read more about the Value Framework.

NOTE: The Top Ten Trends are available for reprint in your publication. The article with quotes from experts and luminaries is available for reprint and adoption in your publication at this location:

The Top Ten Trends for 2003 are:

  • The American Psychological Association Announces its Best Year Ever
  • Quiet, Yet Continued Strong Growth in E-Commerce
  • The Economy Waffles while Folks Look for "the Breakout Event" and to overcome the dot.bomb Malaise
  • Operational Efficiency Continues to be a Key Corporate Driver
  • Specialist are In, Generalists are Out
  • The Software Industry has Changed Forever
  • Web Services Show Demonstrated ROI
  • Marketing has Changed Forever
  • Significant Inroads Made on Eliminating Spam
  • Users Will Get More of What They Want

    BONUS TREND: Key Areas to Keep on Eye On Include: Security, Wireless, Real-time Business Intelligence, Broadband

Since 1998, Mitchell Levy, President & CEO of has made annual predictions of the top ten trends in business/e-commerce. To review the predictions from the last five years and see how close to reality they were, go to This will help you gauge how much credence to put into the 2003 predictions. polls its database of 750 business/e-commerce speakers to get their opinions on trends and here are a few quotes:

"After 10 years of sustained economic growth, a 4-year bubble where salaries, expectations and retirement dreams increased dramatically, and a number of decades of relative 'safety', a number of Americans are trying to find the meaning of life."
Mitchell Levy, Author,"

Employees will become increasingly disgruntled because the sluggish economy reduces their employment options. Managers will have more power and will become more overtly evil."
Scott Adams, Dilbert Cartoonist

"Increased focus on software and systems quality…this is a high cost item for most IT organizations and continued cost pressures will force a stronger look at this. Additionally, offshore sourcing will emerge as a significant factor in the outsourcing model for most corporations. Companies that were dabbling with this in 2002 will morph their exploratory activity into significant (greater than 50% growth) activity in 2003."
Tony Scott, CTO, IS&S (Information Systems and Services), General Motors

"Zero Impact Payback Time - Companies are conserving cash at all costs. The days of 12-month implementation efforts and nebulous ROI after 2 years are dead. Companies will only purchase technologies that have a clear, immediate benefit to the bottom line. Suppliers that have the shortest payback times will benefit."
John Jordano, Sr. Member Technical Staff,

"Transparency, its implications for business and how to manage it will become a central issue for executives, driving profound changes in corporate values and behavior -- for the better -- as firms rethink how to build trusting relationships."
Don Tapscott, President, New Paradigm Learning Corporation

"Enterprise software never recovers from its slump. $100mm mega projects based on Siebel, SAP and others have produced such a legacy of pain and failure that CIO's suggesting their implementation are viewed with skepticism."
James Roche, Co-President and CEO, Fort Point Partners Inc.


  • has been publishing its Top Ten Trends for the last 5 years ( Other than in 2002, its accuracy over the last 3 years has been remarkably high:
    • 2000: 70%
    • 2001: 95%,
    • 2002: ~50%

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Interviews, meetings, feedback, and general conversation with Mr. Levy are most welcome.
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