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Business Models for the 21st Century

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Mark Monday, November 12 at 1:15 PM for the unveiling of the


At COMDEX Fall 2001, Las Vegas, Nevada, by Mitchell Levy, author of, President of and COMDEX core Chair

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E=mc²    EVOLUTION (of successful business) = MODELS CHANGING 2

Ok we used Einstein's theory to get your attention. NOW let us bring your attention to a new formula that may be equally as controversial as Albert's.

V=MS³ ™
It is a Fundamental Equation of the E-Business Universe!

When you attend in Las Vegas, November 12-15, 2001 you will find out how this formula represents the definitive new equation for business success!

This revolutionary formula is the brainchild of Mitchell Levy, author of, President of and COMDEX core Chair. He will unveil this revolutionary new formula in its debut presentation The Story of Process: Business Models for the 21st Century on the formulation and application of this theory Monday, November 12 at 1:15 PM at COMDEX Las Vegas. Like Einstein's E=mc² changed the world of physics, V=MS³ ™ will change the way in which businesses are modeled today.

Learn how the evolution of successful business models depend on their ability to evolve. Hear case studies that will show how the transformation from analog to digital created the opportunity for entirely new business models to evolve and flourish and how digital commerce will forever change the business landscape.

Revolutionary? YES. Nuts? NO. - Einstein wasn't NUTS - neither is Mitchell Levy

When Einstein presented his theory the scientific community thought he was nuts. "Who does this Einstein think he is? …Where is his scientific evidence? What are his credentials for making such an assertion? This is preposterous....we can't allow people just to say things like this without proof! How dare he...this idea should be given no credence at all!"

Our response to the business community is simple and direct.
Check it out - you'll see that it's true.

See Mitchell Levy's presentation and comprehend the genius of the formula. Be among the first to utilize this framework for the success of your own business. Unable to attend COMDEX, don't worry, you will be hearing more about this fundamental framework. Check out

Other Presentations and Panels with Mr. Levy at include:

-The Future of (E-)Business PowerPanel
Monday, November 12, 2:45 PM

-Future Panel: Top 2002 (E-)Business Trends
Tuesday, November 13, 10:15 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.


About Mitchell Levy
About Mitchell Levy. He is President and CEO of (, an e-commerce management consulting company helping small, medium and large enterprises transition employees, partners and customers to the Internet age through strategy, marketing, and off-the-shelf and customized on-line and on-ground training. He is the author of (, Executive Producer of, an on-line E-Commerce Management (ECM) eZine, Chair of at Comdex Fall and the Founder and Program Consultant of the premier San Jose State E-Commerce Management Certificate Program ( Mitchell was at Sun Microsystems for 9 years, the last 4 of which he managed the e-commerce component of Sun's $3.5 billion supply chain. Mitchell is a popular speaker, lecturing on ECM issues throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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