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Mitchell Levy Teaches Success and Survival In The E-Commerce World
New Riders' author tells businesses to "E-Volve-or-Die"

San Jose-New Riders' release (December, 2000) of Thriving in the Internet Age through E-Commerce Management, marks a departure from the multitude of e-commerce titles on shelves today. The book aims to educate a much wider audience than those involved in e-commerce. It seeks to serve as a resource for any one in the world wanting to thrive in this digital age. Levy, who is president of, an e-commerce management (ECM) consulting firm helping startup, medium and large companies transition from the industrial age to the Internet age, uses the book to teach his readers not only how to learn planning and deployment, but how to maintain what you deploy and evolve business operations for now and well into the future. He is also the chair of the core conference for Comdex Chicago 2001.

Unique to this book are the 12 forewords written by prominent business leaders. Forewords are available online at:

  • Michael Silton, CEO, Rainmaker Systems, Inc.
  • Alan Naumann, President and CEO, Calico Commerce, Inc.
  • Alfred Chuang, Founder, President, Chief Operations Officer, BEA Systems, Inc.
  • Peter Neupert, President and CEO,, inc.
  • Peter Sisson, Formerly Founder and CEO of,
  • John Mumford, Founding Partner, Crosspoint Venture Partners
  • Rob Wrubel, CEO, Ask Jeeves, Inc.
  • Steven J. Snyder, Ph.D., Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Net Perceptions, Inc.
  • Monte Zweben, CEO, Blue Martini Software
  • Rick Steele, President and CEO,
  • Love Goel, CEO, Personify
  • Jim Sterne, President, Target Marketing Thriving in the Internet Age through E-Commerce Management, has a site located at The site contains information about the book, a Table of Contents, Biographies for and Quotes from Contributors, Case Studies, Press Information and process for obtaining Review Copies. The book can be pre-ordered from and today. To schedule an interview with Mitchell Levy prior to his Comdex Chicago 2001 appearance call Ericka Wilcox at: 888-234-2852 or address email to: You are welcome to find him in person at Comdex for conversation, questions, or an interview. For his schedule of appearances during Comdex Chicago 2001 go to:



"Fortunately for all of us, there are visionaries like Mitchell Levy who can gather, digest, and relay the principles, opportunities, and strategies most critical to e-volving with the Internet. is a must-read for anyone compelled to succeed in the e-conomy. It is the first book I've found that so closely aligns itself with my won convictions about content, customers, and change in e-business as we'll come to know it." - Alan Naumann, President and CEO, Calico Commerce, Inc.

"No one is more connected with e-commerce management that Mitchell Levy. In, Mitchell takes us on an exploratory journey through the key issues in this area. On each page, he shares the practical experience of someone who has tried something new. Get behind the scenes to see the thought process, not just the end results. The is no better, more independent source of ideas to help you as you build your e-volved and e-volving strategy than E-Volve-or - Michael Silton, CEO, Rainmaker Systems, Inc.

"Mitchell has hit the nail on the head …This book is current and talks about real solutions to real problems…" - Mark Goldstein, President & CEO,

"… I would recommend this book to executives and e-commerce professionals alike who want to get an edge in the Internet Age." - Jack Serfass, Co-Chairman, C-Founder, Bowstreet

"I persosonally believe that Mitchell's book is an essential primer for the Internet Age." - Alfred Chuang, Founder, President, and Chief Operations Officer, BEA Systems, Inc.


Mitchell Levy biography:
Mitchell Levy is President of, a strategic e-commerce management (ECM) consulting firm helping companies transition from the industrial age to the Internet-age. In addition to consulting, he reaches his audience through a number of vehicles. He is author of " Thriving in the Internet Age through E-Commerce Management" (New Riders Press); Chair of Las Vegas and Chicago as well as his own Symposium; Founder and Coordinator of the ECM Certificate Program at San Jose State University, Professional Development (; and Executive Producer of, a premier monthly ECM newsletter. Mr. Levy lectures, writes about, and judges the ECM efforts of companies on a global level and has been actively involved with numerous industry consortia. You can pick up a more detailed bio at this location: Prior to forming his current company, Mitchell managed the e-commerce component of Sun Microsystems' $3.5 billion supply chain, developed the e-commerce strategy for Bay Networks, and was involved in the e-commerce efforts on both the buy and sell side of several large and small companies.

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